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Posted by andreas1965 on March 25, 2008 at 12:37 PM

Last Monday morning I was one of the millions of viewers that watched live on the television the ceremony for the lighting of the flame that eventually will light the forthcoming summer Olympic games in Beijing.


As we all know the Olympic games are a global celebration and like it was happening in the ancient times the wish is for all fighting in any war for any reason to lay down their weapons for the duration of the games. In ancient Greece that was respected by all city states and at least during the games they all took part in the celebrations leaving aside their differences. But that was in the past. It seems that the values have lost their meaning.


The ��Reporters without frontiers�� have chosen the sacred ceremony/celebration to protest trying to hijack a celebration. It does not matter if their cause was just or not. What it matters is that they did not respect the country that they were in, its values, its traditions, the Olympic spirit, nothing. They choose to trash everything for their cause.


I, personally, in reply to their action support the host city of Beijing and join in their comment that what happened was ��sad�� and contemn their actions. I refuse to support a cause which does not respect my values, my country values and most important of all the values of the Olympic games.


When the torch relay reach London, the city I live at the moment I will take part in the celebrations and will refuse to take part in any demonstration against it. I will be there to celebrate with all the people that will be there. I do hope that they will think again and if they choose to protest to do so in a manner that respects what the Olympic flame represents. It does not represent a country, not a government but all the people of this world. It is an idea, a symbol. NOT a chance for any political group or organisation to put forward their opposition to a certain situation or promote their ideas.


Respect is something that is earned and yesterday certain people lost mine. An apology from them will not be enough to restore that because the damage have been done.


In about 160 days I will be in Beijing taking part in the celebrations, watching the games and enjoying the spirit of the games. No protest or nothing will stop me of doing this trip, certainly not by people that they do not deserve my respect.

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