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Posted by andreas1965 on April 18, 2008 at 6:26 AM

Dear Friends in Shipping Industry



As Chinese, we feel very sad and angry to see the turmoil against Olympic Torch Relay in London and Paris. We have been patient long enough but now got so sick with some of Western medias who continue spreading false and biased reports on the Tibetan

affair and on their so called "Human rights" issue. Now we would appreciate a few of your precious minutes to listen to us and respect our way of thinking.


Though many Chinese keep silence at the moment in order to avoid meaningless arguments with ignorant, we must tell the world we will never forget this, and we would like to remind everyone again that Olympics have nothing to do with politics. Olympic Games

bring fairness, competition, understanding and respect to the human kind. It is absolutely unacceptable for billions of Chinese to see anybody insulting our first Olympics.


As a people of great history and civilization, we Chinese have suffered too long oppression and exploitation exactly by the Western countries. Now we are finally ready to realize our Great Expectation and host the world for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Can anyone imagine how proud we are and how exciting our life can be? We take it as the whole nation's glory which will go in history for generations to come. The Chinese are opening arms to wel come friends from all over the world, not only to share their excitement but also to present to the whole world their brilliant achievements through the economic boom universally

acknowledged as a great leap forward for the whole village of Earth.


However, at this moment of truth, some western governments choose to harass China again by using so called "Tibet" affair and now by stirring up the mob to protest China along with Torch and boycott the ceremony even Beijing Olympics. Our Chinese will tell the world Beijing Olympics will go on but the Chinese people are hurt again and we will never forget who is behind!


We understand everyone has their own right to speak their mind. You may be from a different culture, color and religion, and you may not accept the Chinese religion and the present political system and dislike the present Chinese government. However, you

have to face the fact that Tibet has been in Chinese territory for dozens of centuries. Please learn history and understand the past and muti-nationalities of China before you make your judgment. No one can separate Tibet from China, just like the British will not tolerate Scotland and Falkland Islands separating from England, and the French will never let Corsica go, and so on. Likewise, no Chinese at home or overseas will ever tolerate any separation of the country either.


Different culture and religion may have different understandings of human right. Have the protestors and government behind ever considered the right of 1.3 billions of Chinese to host the Olympic Games when they attack the torch? Even in ancient times, people know they should stop political dispute and even wars to honor the Olympic spirit. Are we so degenerated and barbaric nowadays by damaging and harassing Olympic hosting nation and people? It is really a shame!


Olympics bring the best opportunity to know China and also let the Chinese know the world. Every country has its own problem which can be only resolved by themselves and don't tell Chinese your western countries are bloody clean. However, boycotting Beijing Olympics and its ceremony and insulting Chinese right now are really a dangeous and short sight behavior ! The whole world should know today' China is not like the Opium War 160 years ago, the human history will approve that no one can stop today's China.



Best Regards.

Lu Gu Marine Service ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd

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